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Exchange search criteria

Post by darisb » Feb 08, 2019 11:43 pm

I am trying to understand how the search criteria works in Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Exchange.

1. If I am trying to search for a phrase, do I wrap it in quotes (e.g. "word1 word2") or use AND (e.g. word1 AND word2)?

2. If I am searching for multiple people (e.g. John Doe & Ed Smith) and I list them as separately 1) To - is exactly - John Doe and 2) To - is exactly - Ed Smith are the treated as an AND or an OR?

I wish Veeam had a detailed explanation that was easy to find!

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Re: Exchange search criteria

Post by nielsengelen » Feb 10, 2019 11:15 am

Hi Daris,

eDiscovery works the same way as it does for Microsoft Outlook. The full list is available via the Microsoft site.

You can leverage quotes, use AND (which will look for both words in any order), OR, NOT,... If you want to find multiple people you would use "John Doe" AND "Ed Smith". Important here is to put these in uppercase (AND, OR, NOT).

I will suggest referencing this in our user guide as well.
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