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Feature Request:Sure Backup SR-IOV and Nic Teaming inside VM

Post by dataanywhere » Aug 03, 2018 4:28 pm

I've created a support case (Case # 03130419) and they suggested we put in a feature request. I tried finding an existing feature request for this so that I could just add a "+1", but I was unable to find it. (IMO, I think this forum could be organized better; with subcategories for SureBackup, and perhaps a specific Feature Request sticky).

Feature Request: Surebackup and Virtual Lab to support VMs that have NIC Teaming enabled

our setup consists of multiple Windows Server 2012R2 with Hyper-V with multiple VMs (primarily Server 2012R2 servers). Each VM has 2 Virtual Nics attached to separate Virtual Switches. The Virtual Switches have SR-IOV enabled and the we are teaming the network adapters inside the VMs.

We ran into issues with Sure Backup and the Virtual Lab; when I created the Virtual lab, and added two Network Adapters (one for each of the the Virtual Switches), the individual adapters show "Connected", but the Team Adapter shows "Disconnected". The VM's static IP address is assigned to the Team adapter, and therefore the ping tests (and any other network-related tests) fail. I

The response from Veeam support is that this is not supported. Here's the actual response:
Thank you for reaching out and providing logs. We do not currently support NIC teaming with Surebackup due to how the lab works and how NIC teaming works. I would recommend heading over to the forums as this is a feature I've seen requested before. By adding to the feature request, or creating your own, the developers might give it some additional attention as the forums are where they pull a large number of the features from. Let me know if you have additional questions.
If you need more details to understand what our config is, let me know and I'll provide some more info and screenshots. In the meantime, I'm hoping to come up with a work around, otherwise it's after hours reconfiguring Hosts and VMs (sigh).


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Re: Feature Request:Sure Backup SR-IOV and Nic Teaming insid

Post by Mike Resseler » Aug 06, 2018 6:37 am

Hi Geoff,

I will pass this indeed to the developers, but they will indeed ask for more information. So if you could give us some more info on the setup and some screenshots (with hiding of names and such) that would help me and the DEV's that will look into it


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