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File server backup

Post by MoshiMoshi » May 21, 2018 11:48 am


I am preparing to setup a windows 2016 file server vm and was wondering what would be the best way to do backup with veeam products.
The file server will be using 6x 3TB raid 10 array that is setup on the physical hyper-v host, and backing up to a synology box.
Initially it will be only 1-2TB full.

Right now I come up with 2 setup scenarios:

1. Add pooled array disk directly to the vm as physical disk. Do the backup on the vm with windows server/workstation agent.
2. Create 9TB vhdx on the host and attach it to the vm. Do the backup with veeam B&R.

I am leaning towards the second option but I dont know if there are downsides to using vhdx vs raw disks. I also have a few more vms that could be then backed up with B&R.
Can I restore specific files from the attached vhdx?
Can I use surebackup to check if the vhdx is not corrupted?


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Re: File server backup

Post by csydas » May 24, 2018 7:08 pm 1 person likes this post


If by attach the VHDX you mean via Hyper V, then yeah, that's the point of VBR backup :) You can back it up and do File Level Restores directly.

I think if you go the RAW route you have to use the Veeam Agent for Windows, as VBR might have problems. (Or not? I don't know)

As for Surebackup, yeah, it should be fine to just load it up and check there.

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