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Gateway server on Hyper-V host

Post by jochot » Mar 22, 2018 5:08 pm


I have a thought about one of my environments.
I have a Hyper-V cluster with 3 nodes.
Now I have a VM which is called "HOT-VeeamGW" which is used as a gateway server/repository server.
It has an pass-through disk attached, which is around 7TB for backups.
I'm using the On-Host backup proxy method.
Now the datastream is:
Hyper-V Host -> VM -> pass through disk.
I'm wondering, if it would make more sense to actually use the Hyper-V Host as a gateway server/repository server?
Then the datastream would be:
Hyper-V Host -> disk
I wouldn't need to have processing power for the VM and the dataflow would be way easier right?
Is there anything that is against that structure? Any reason not to do it that way?

Mike Resseler
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Re: Gateway server on Hyper-V host

Post by Mike Resseler » Mar 23, 2018 6:21 am

Hi Jochot,

Theoretically this would not be any problem but (and there is always a but in IT isn't it :-)). One of the main reasons why I wouldn't put the repository server straight on the host is for support. Microsoft doesn't like it that you install additional roles on a Hyper-V server. Especially older versions (2012 R2 and older) can give you headaches with additional software installed on the host. 2016 is better (purely from a technical perspective at least) but the support statement remains the same.

I am also not that convinced that you will save on processing power to be honest. You will most probably save a bit, but I doubt it is going to be a valid reason for making this move.

As said, it is technically doable but everyone will strongly advise not to do it. (The most used argument will be that your maintenance window/ security footprint for a host will be smaller but I saw 3rd party causing blue screens on Hyper-V host on many occasions)

PS: Is there a good reason for the pass-through disk? Can you maybe use that pass-through disk and fill it up with a VHDX? (Gives you portability).

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