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Guest files restore: GPT error

Post by corona_backup » Mar 26, 2020 11:53 pm

Case-ID# 04075929
Additional Details: Environment: hyper-v (srv 2019 std., patchlevel up2date)
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I tried to restore some files from a Windows Guest backup. FLR window started an immediately got me this error:

Invalid GPT Partition entry array checksum: 0123456789 (calculated: 9876543210) Agent failed to process method {Mount.GenericMount}.

A checkdsk on the running guest as well on the hyper-v host didn't show any errors. Host and guest are running well since several months.
Even a reboot (first the guest, then the host) did help.
A fresh made backup doesn't bring errors or warnings.
A whole restore of the guest works well.
ONLY the file level restauration doesn't work.

Do you have an idea how this could be fixed?
Sincerely yours Marc

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Re: Guest files restore: GPT error

Post by HannesK » Mar 27, 2020 6:52 am

chances are very high, that it is an issue on the Hyper-V or guest-VM side.

Does that happen with all your VMs, or only one VM? If one VM, then I suggest to migrate that machine to a new VM.

You can also try to use the Other-OS file level recovery appliance (it's built for Linux VMs, but also works for Windows)

Best regards,

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