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Paulo Balau
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Health Check Scenario & Behaviour

Post by Paulo Balau »


I have this backup status for a VM.

Backup VM:
"Day 1": Full - OK
"Day 2": Incremental - OK
"Day3": Incremental - OK
Health Check (HC) Planned for Day3 job run
Question 1: I believe veeam only checks day 3. Having errors tries to correct but… what if there are error on Day1 or Day2?

And corresponding Backup Copy VM:

"Day1+1": Full - Incomplete (has no time window to copy all content, so remaining to be copied on next interval)
"Day2+1": Incremental - OK (should contain all content now)
"Day3+1": Incremental - OK
Health Check Planned for "Day3+1" job run

Question 2: What are the files to be health checked? Only "Day3+1"?
Question 3: What if I plan HC for "Day1+1", having incomplete status? Makes no sense I believe.
Question 4: What if I plan HC for "Day2+1", having OK status but depending on a previous incomplete copy.

Wrapping up: How can I be sure the entire chain is "health checked"? Because, by default, HC is only planned for last days of the month and naturally I'll have dozens on incrementals...

All the best,
Paulo Balau

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Re: Health Check Scenario & Behaviour

Post by wishr »

Hi Paulo,

Could you please let me know if you had a chance to take look at our health check guides: General; Backup Copy.

We'll be glad to answer any additional questions. Thank you.

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Re: Health Check Scenario & Behaviour

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Hi Paulo, health check verifies just the latest VM restore point state. The latest restore point may or may not include blocks from previous backup files (either complete or not, doesn't matter). If you want to verify the entire backup chain, take a look at the Backup Validator tool, which recalculates checksums for all blocks in the chain. Thanks!

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