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How do we set up a continuous copy of our backups?

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My support case id is 01779075.

Hello there, I am in no means a backup expert therefore I'm looking for assistance in setting up a copy of our backups.

We would like to setup a job in Veeam that will make copies of our existing on-site backups to an external hard drive that we can bring off-site. We will have two external drives and one will always be plugged into the server. We will be alternating these drives every day. We would like both drives to have the most up to date information with our main on-site backup repository. There also cannot be gaps in the backups on the external drives. I tried implementing this with backup copy jobs however there were gaps since we were switching the drives constantly. I am not sure what the best course of action in order to implement this is. What would you recommend?

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Re: How do we set up a continuous copy of our backups?

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Although it is possible to configure backup copy job in such way it will be pretty hard to maintain because backup copy jobs are not intended to keep the exact copy of your backup repository but rather to make a proccess of backup copying intelligent and safe. You probably would like to use tapes or to setup an offsite repo so that your Backup Copy job copies data across WAN. Please provide more details about your backup objectives and infrastructure so I'll try to suggest you a better solution.

Thank you.

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