How to have consistent Debian+MySQL on Hyper-V ?

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How to have consistent Debian+MySQL on Hyper-V ?

Veeam Logoby yumash » Sat May 20, 2017 6:04 am

Host: Hyper-V 2012 R2
VM: Debian 8 insallation with MySQL with not-very-loaded databases (InnoDB)

Hyper-V intergration services are installed inside VM:
Code: Select all
# lsmod | grep hv
hv_utils               17718  0
hv_netvsc              30494  0
hv_storvsc             21296  2
scsi_mod              191405  5 sg,libata,sd_mod,sr_mod,hv_storvsc
hv_vmbus               65661  6 hyperv_keyboard,hv_netvsc,hid_hyperv,hv_utils,hyperv_fb,hv_storvsc

I use FREE version of VBR and perform backups with VBRZip.
Checkbox "Disable guest quiescence" is unchecked.

Question 1: Is this VM aware of Hyper-V's quiescence mechanisms? Will I get consistent filesystem after restore?
Question 2: What if backup is performed when some InnoDB cached data are not flushed to disk (still resides in memory)?
In short: how to make shure that I will have consistent FS and DB after restore?

The reason for this questions: VM is not suspended during VBRZip. Is it ok?
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Re: How to have consistent Debian+MySQL on Hyper-V ?

Veeam Logoby Mike Resseler » Sun May 21, 2017 7:50 am

Hi Vladimir,

There are a few things about Debian and Hyper-V.

1) Do not use the MSFT LIS but use the specific ones from Debian. Just use lsmod to check the kernel version to see what built-in LIS you are using. Based on that result, check out this table to see what is available for you and read the notes: ... on-hyper-v
So, to your question 1: Yes, based on the above (if all ok), the FS will be consistent (but again, read the note on ext2)
2) Most probably it won't be consistent. So make sure you do a script to flush the InnoDB before backup
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