How to purge repository and reclaim disk space

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How to purge repository and reclaim disk space

Veeam Logoby sambsamb » Sat Sep 20, 2014 6:17 am

I'm using a local disk repository that's running out of space. I went under Backup and Replication, Backups, Disks, and right-clicked on a number of VMs and clicked "Remove From Disk". All appeared to work, yet no disk space has been reclaimed. On the repository folder in the file system, all vbk and vrb files have same sizes.
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Re: How to purge repository and reclaim disk space

Veeam Logoby Gostev » Sat Sep 20, 2014 8:46 pm

Removing from disk merely marks all blocks belonging to deleted VMs as free, so that they can be reused by new VMs added to the job. We cannot just shrink existing backup filed, as most file systems don't support reducing existing file size (at least not without recreating the file). This is why normally, we recommend excluding VMs from backup job, and running an active full backup - this will produce the new backup file that will be smaller, and then you will be able to delete an older backup file.

However, I understand that new full backup is not an option in your case, due to repository being out of space. This means that your only option with this repository is to physically remove some older backup files from disk manually. Alternatively, you can physically move all backup files belonging to this job to another (bigger) backup repository, and remap the job to this new repository.

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