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Hyper-V backup invalid credentials

Post by Operations8 » Dec 17, 2017 10:12 am

Hello everyone, i am new here so i apologize for any mistakes i might have made or will make :)
I am helping a friend out who has got his own company and is trying to use VeeAM backup with Hyper-V.
In short the problem is: When using application-aware processing we keep getting an "invalid credentials" error. I am a 100% sure the username/password is correct. Without application-aware processing enabled there is no problem.

The situation:

A Windows 2016 Hyper-V host (stand alone).
5 VM's (all windows 2016):

Srv1 (AD, DC, DNS)
Srv2 (Exchange 2016)
Srv3 (Unifi controller)
Srv4 (application server)
Srv5 (Special for VeeAM)

The 5 servers all all part of the same domain. I have added the domain administrator account in VeeAM (used browse and used mydomain\administrator).
Under Quest processing if i try "Test Now" there is no problem.

I have installed the VeeAM software on both the Hyper-V host and on Server5 to see if this would make any difference. But it doesn't.

Does anybody know why i am keep getting "invalid credentials"?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Hyper-V backup invalid credentials

Post by PTide » Dec 17, 2017 8:19 pm


If you get "invalid credentials" during the actual processing, but "Test" button gives you a pass on the very same backup job, then I'd suggest you to contact out support team directly and post your case ID in this thread, as this looks like a bug.


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