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Hyper-V replica scenario between 2 servers - Advise please

Post by PJ2018 » Jun 29, 2018 12:56 pm

Hi, after some recommendations on fixing a failover scenario.

I have 2 x 2012 R2 Hyper-V hosts with an equal amount of VM's spread across the two. Veeam software installed on both doing backups to nas and secondary storage and also a replication job for all vm's on each to go to the other server.

Server A has failed (non recoverable) so I have the existing VM's running on Server B as well as all the replicas that were being synced from Server A before it died. These _replica Vm's were started from the hyper-v manager and are running fine.

These replicas are all running out of the replicas folder on Server B. Server B is capable of running all VM's no problems.

The veeam on Server B is backing up the existing Vm's ok but does not know about the _replica vm's that are now running. I need to start backing these vm's up.

I've started rebuilding server A with the view to split the load between the two like I had originally.

Whats the best way to go about tidying this up so I can I backup the replicas that are running whilst I rebuild the failed server ?


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Re: Hyper-V replica scenario between 2 servers - Advise plea

Post by DGrinev » Jul 02, 2018 12:53 pm

Hi Paul and welcome to the community!

If I get it right, the _replica VMs aren't in a failover state because you've started them without Veeam B&R.
What is the main concern you are worried about?
You can create backup job to protect these replica VMs and when the server A is up, just replicate them back with the following permanent failover. Thanks!

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