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Hyper-V VM backups - only the XML configuration file

Post by Larry s » Oct 12, 2018 11:53 pm

I know this sounds like a strange request, however, we have hundreds of Hyper-V VMs that are Windows Servers running SQL Server. We have no need to backup the terabytes of disks, as we run multiple SQL native backups. In fact our recovery plan would be to restore the Veeam backup, then the latest full SQL native backup, differentials, and transaction logs.

So - we've had occasions where a Hyper-V server crashes - the running VM, a SQL server, is relocated to another Hyper-V host in the server - but - it fails to start. The reason is because the server configuration XML file has become corrupt. We can spin up a brand new server - and then move the existing .vhdx files "into" that server - or - we can do a Veeam restore - and before we boot the restored server, again we move the "live" .vhdx files into the restored location.

So - I ideally all we need to do is to have Veeam backup the virtual server configuration file, then we could restore that file and copy over the real .VHDx files.

Any ideas ???


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Re: Hyper-V VM backups - only the XML configuration file

Post by PTide » Oct 13, 2018 4:04 pm


The first thing that comes too my mind and seems to be what you're looking for is File-Copy job. Another option would be to install VAW on the Hyper-V server and make it run file-level backup.


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Re: Hyper-V VM backups - only the XML configuration file

Post by Nail.Mukhametshin » Oct 15, 2018 2:41 pm


What storage used for hosting terabytes of disks? This is FC, SMB, etc storage where hosted VHDX files?

I think the best way to store SQL data outside of VM. E.g. on SMB share or on FC storage via Vitual Fibre Channel. This way you can take consistent backup of your VM with all OS settings and use other software to backup SQL data.
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