Hyper-V-VMMS Error during replication

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Hyper-V-VMMS Error during replication

Veeam Logoby jakeW » Wed Jan 07, 2015 12:06 am

I have two stand alone Hyper-V hosts (Server 2012 R2) with Veeam Replication (v8) from Host A to Host B.

Recently I needed to permanently fail-over one of my guests from Host A (Production) to Host B (DR) - I did this successfully and made an exclusion for that guest in my Replication Job.

Everything seems to be running fine, but I have just noticed that every time my replication job runs, there is a Hyper-V-VMMS error reported in Event Viewer on Host B (Event ID 12240). Error is as follows:

'': Attachment 'D:\Hyper-V\41a0de11c1c1488ebba441326fdce1cf\Ide0-0\<GUEST NAME>_7D9E68A9-2775-4C8D-A958-4CC5D0E7CF26.avhd' not found. Error: 'The system cannot find the file specified.' (0x80070002). (Virtual machine ID )

The Guest this error references is the guest that I permanently failed-over.

This error is immediately followed by another error (Event ID 15268). "Failed to get the disk information."

I see that the Hyper-V-VMMS is looking for a .avhd file that does not exist. Normally I see these .avhd snapshot files present for all my replicas that are in a ready state, so it would seem that Hyper-V and/or Veeam still thinks that the guest I failed-over is still in a replica state.

Any idea what might be going on here? I'd like to try recreating the replication job to see if that stop the error from being reported, but I thought I'd check here first.
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Re: Hyper-V-VMMS Error during replication

Veeam Logoby foggy » Wed Jan 07, 2015 8:33 am

Jake, do you see any related messages in the replication job session log or the job runs just fine and it is only VMMS that is confused by the failover of this VM? What status does this VM have in the Veeam B&R console if you select the corresponding replica under Replication node? Have you asked technical support for an advice already?

Btw, if you re-create the job without that VM, the errors will most likely go away since it is not touched anymore.
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