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Hypothetical situation

Post by Bens.cambit » Nov 20, 2013 12:37 pm

Hi all, I was curious as to what would happen in a situation where my companies VM host machine crashed. First I will give some background info.

At our small business we are testing all aspects of Veeam only using Hyper-V, as we are planning to integrate it into our business.
I am in no way an expert in using either Hyper-V or Veeam so please bare with me.
So, we are using 2 of our servers. One named VMHost and the other Zippie (just to make it easier to explain). Both servers are running on Windows server 2012 R2. the server VMHost contains 5 virtual machines which are all backed up onto Zippie rather than staying on the host machine.
I was asked to find out what I would have to do if VMHost were to completely crash, losing all of the data, but with all the Virtual machines backup files still on Zippie. I really just wanted to know what process I would have to go to in order to recover all of the virtual machines and Veeam itself with their previous configuration settings or if I would have to re-install Veeam and re-configure its old settings and simply restore the backed up VM's onto Zippie.

Sorry if this wasn't explained in a very easy to understand way. In honesty I am only a new apprentice at this company being given a project to do, so if anybody could help that would be great :)

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Re: Hypothetical situation

Post by foggy » Nov 20, 2013 1:02 pm 2 people like this post

Ben, having VM backups available you will be able to set up a new Veeam B&R instance, import backups and recover VMs from them. You can even use the standalone extract.exe utility (copied from your initial Veeam B&R installation to the backup storage) to do that, without the need to install Veeam B&R first.

I recommend to review at least some basic concepts of using Veeam B&R to get better understanding of how things work. Thanks.

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