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Isolated hyper-v with application aware backup

Post by dentinox »

It seems that when enabling application aware backup for my office AD server isn't working. It can't process the credentials.
This might be because the VM that is being backed up is isolated from the hypervisor. (disable management OS) hooked up on a different subnet.
Is there an agent or something that I need to install on this isolated VM. Since we use the AD I would prefer having it application aware.

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Re: Isolated hyper-v with application aware backup

Post by HannesK »

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No, Veeam is agentless per default. Well, with V11 we will also have a persistent guest agent to reduce the amount of ports required, but that will probably not solve your issue.

Isolation is no problem to a certain degree. You just need to make sure, that the required ports for application aware processing are open. I assume, that you have a standalone VBR server. That means, that the VBR server must have network connection to the domain controller

See: https://helpcenter.veeam.com/docs/backu ... ml?ver=100

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Re: Isolated hyper-v with application aware backup

Post by nmdange »

You can use a guest interaction proxy to reduce the access between networks. Also, I use Hyper-V Native Quiescence and not Application-Aware Backup in many cases so Veeam needs no access to the guest OS. Unless you need the specific application integrations that Veeam provides (such as SQL Server transaction log backup/truncatation), then there isn't any advantage to application-aware backups.

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