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Limit the number of VMs at a time during replication

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I have 2 physical Hyper-V servers (no SAN) connected over a fiber link that I'm looking to do VM replication between. I currently have 5 VMs replicating in the same job. Each time this job runs it shows all 5 VMs getting a snapshot and being sent to the 2nd server at the same time.

Is there a way to limit the number of VMs that are snapshot and sent at a time? FYI, There are no proxy's setup and the job is using a direct data transfer since it is all internal.

As I'm not able to see any settings that may help limit the number of VMs being processed at 1 time, would I be better off creating numerous jobs and setting them to run one after the other? If so, can I use the same destination folder and metadata datastore in each job?

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Re: Limit the number of VMs at a time during replication

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The easiest way is to set a required number of concurrent tasks in Hyper-V server settings.
You can uncheck the box "Allow processing of multiple VMs with a single volume snapshot" to create a separate snapshot for each vm in a job. However, this option helps to reduce snapshot workload in the Hyper-V environment and doesn't change a number of concurrent tasks.


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