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Log gathering

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Dear Veeam!
here's how I see veeam B&R right now. it's like the most the awesomest car ever that's fully automated to the point that you don't even have to drive it and it's able to drive itself after you supply the address, but then it has old school window handles to open the windows with.

Why can't you create a web diagnostics tool where we can go to the link from the server with the issues and then it would capture all the logs it needs an upload them your FTP instead of giving all the work to your customers to do where it would feel like you're trying to make the customer not call again unless he's about to dye.

I know Veeam and Microsoft are partners now, so maybe you could barrow the tool they use to do just that :)

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Re: Log gathering

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Hello and welcome to the community aalmassud.

The problem for most of the users would be to open the direct connection from backup server to our support server (in many cases Veeam B&R server runs in isolated network and does not have access to the internet). Anyway, I've added your vote to this feature request, thanks for sharing. Cheers!

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