Microsoft Shadow Copy taking a long time to process

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Microsoft Shadow Copy taking a long time to process

Veeam Logoby Squeezer » Thu Feb 21, 2013 4:57 pm

I am running Veeam 6.5 for Hyper-V on 3 virtual machine hosts. Each is running Microsoft Server 2008R2 Hyper-V Server. Each Hyper-V server is connected to a Drobo B800i ISCSI SAN via gigabit ethernet. The physical servers themselves are Dell PowerEdge R710 server with quad core processors and 16-32 gigabytes of memory. The virtual machines are 2008R2 Active Directory domain controllers and file servers.

When I am running backup jobs in Veeam 6.5, I notice that the "Preparing the next VM for processing" takes a long time to run, usually over two hours. Clicking on a VM's name, I see that almost all of the backup time was taken up by the "Creating snapshot Microsoft Software Shadow Copy provider 1.0 (mode: Hyper-V child partition snapshot)."

In the guest processing section of the backup job, I have unchecked Enable application-aware image processing and unchecked Enable guest file system indexing. In the storage section, in the advanced tab, I am using reverse incremental, enable inline data deduplication is checked, compression is extreme (because I ship the backups offsite over a T-1 line), and storage optimization is for WAN Target. In the Hyper-V tab, I have checkmarked all 3 options (enable hyper-v guest quiescence, take a crash consistent backup instead of suspending vm, and use changed block tracking data. On the advanced tab I have checkmarked Enable automatic backup integrity check and exclude swap file blocks from processing.

Why is the creating snapshot process taking so long, and what can I do to speed it up? The level of activity on the servers are low (we are about 25 employees working with MS Word and Excel documents).
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Re: Microsoft Shadow Copy taking a long time to process

Veeam Logoby Vitaliy S. » Fri Feb 22, 2013 1:02 pm


Do you have this issue for all VMs on these 3 hosts? Can you please try to create a test VM on the local storage (if any) of the Hyper-V host and try to back it up?

Thank you!
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Re: Microsoft Shadow Copy taking a long time to process

Veeam Logoby Gostev » Thu Mar 07, 2013 11:17 pm

Squeezer wrote:Drobo B800i ISCSI SAN via gigabit ethernet

I had this specific model in my home lab some time ago. It was unbearably slow due to weak CPU, so eventually I swapped it for Synology NAS...
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