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NetApp VSS Backups

Post by sjohnson-scu » Sep 25, 2015 6:53 am

So we have been having issues with Veeam snapshot backups (off-host using VSS) on our NetApp since we got it. We worked with Veeam support and they said its a NetApp VSS issue (case #01030725). After working with NetApp support and running a WHOLE lot of debug sessions they located the issue and pointed us in the right direction... However they refuse to actually help us fix it. NetApp support says they don't support 3rd Party usage of the NetApp VSS hardware provider.

What does Veeam have to say about this? I thought, and it sounded like the NetApp integration would be fully supported on both sides of the equation. From what NetApp is telling me if its an issue on the NetApp side they won't help at all.... and did me a favor pointing me in the direction of the problem.

Below is the email from NetApp support saying they don't support this usage. The email also included direction about how to fix it, but not the final solution.

------Start Email-----
Your case has been assigned to the SnapX team so that we can help resolve the issue you are experiencing. My name is Nolan Boles, and I will be assisting you.

I will not be engaging in the scheduled conference call with Veeam as we do not support third party usage of the Data Ontap VSS hardware provider. The recommendation is to either configure the application that is making the inappropriate call to use the software provider, or uninstall the Data Ontap VSS hardware provider using the command ‘navssprv.exe /u’ from an elevated command prompt. NetApp does not support 3rd party usage of the Data Ontap VSS hardware provider can cause unwanted snapshots to be generated on the storage system causing issues such as space shortage, busy snapshots, and the application may not manage snapshot cleanup appropriately. Please consult with the vendor to reconfigure the application to use a different provider if that is the method of addressing the issue that you select.

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Re: NetApp VSS Backups

Post by Greg.Bean-DeFlumer » Oct 05, 2015 11:28 pm

Hi Scott

Unless I am mistaken, using the NetApp hardware VSS provider should be supported for Hyper-V off-host proxies, but not in-guest. I took a look at your Support case, but it looks like the engineer was unable to get a hold of you. Would you like me to re-open your case so this can be investigated further?

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Re: NetApp VSS Backups

Post by Harry.E » Oct 24, 2016 6:15 am

Has anyone else succeeded in setting up a working off-host proxy with Netapp? I'm currently struggling to set this up and Veeam Support is only pointing at Netapp Support..

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Re: NetApp VSS Backups

Post by collinp » Oct 27, 2016 4:51 am

You just need to install snapdrive on the hyper-v hosts and that will install the ontap vss provider. Then you need to add your proxy host to the same fc zone as your hyper-v host cluster so it is able to see the luns. You will see the hyper-v luns in disk management on the offhost proxy (a little scary).

Then while the vm is backing up you can browse to the lun in oncommand system manager and under snapshots, watch the snapshot be created.

I just use the Hyper-v snapshot provider as my Hyper-v hosts have enough resources to process the backup onhost.

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