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Normal time for backup file merge?

Post by akraker »

Just curious what a typical time would be for a backup file merge? My VBK file is about 1TB and each incremental is around 9GB in size. The backup merges are taking around 20 minutes on average which is doubling the backup job time. Seems like it shouldn't be taking that long. Is there anything I can do to reduce that time or does that seem pretty normal?

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Re: Normal time for backup file merge?

Post by Rick.Vanover »

Hey Andrew - there are many factors to this. You've identified some of them - such as file sizes. One of the biggest one is storage performance of the backup target. Other aspects include backup mode as well if any other tasks are happening on proxy or repository.

From another thread, quoting Andreas: "At the moment we do all the backups and then burst IO processing at merge in a way to overload the controler => latency grow and overall merge and VM backup is slowed down." This can help give you a sense of what happens during the merge.

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Re: Normal time for backup file merge?

Post by Gostev »

For nearly instance merges, use ReFS ;)

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