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on-host backup to SAS

Post by pesos » Nov 12, 2014 11:32 am

Hi all,

Just deployed fresh v8 b&r server (first veeam install) for Hyper-V (essentials standard).

Very basic configuration - backup server running in a hyper-v guest and just one hyper-v host being backed up.

At the moment, the backup repository is sitting on a basic Synology iSCSI box and I'm getting roughly 600 Mbps throughput tops. Not too bad.

However, as I look at resource monitor to see what's actually happening behind the scenes, I see that the Veeam agent process has very high network activity - to itself. So it's as if the Veeam processes are talking to each other on the local box via tcp/ip. My concern about this is when we switch next month to our intended long-term backup repository, which will be a 6gbit SAS array, that this configuration will be limiting us to 1gbit of backup throughput.

I had checked with multiple veeam reps and engineers about this config in the last few months and was told that since we would be backing up from one 6gbit sas array to another 6gbit sas array, our throughput would not be limited to GIGe at any point. Is this not the case?


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Re: on-host backup to SAS

Post by Gostev » Nov 12, 2014 10:33 pm

Hi, John. No, you will not be limited to 1Gb as Veeam data movers talk to each other directly, and not through any physical interface. Thanks!

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