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Possible Bug with Hyper-V Backup Copy Jobs

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I just posted case #03318507. I see behavior where if there is a VM which exists on Microsoft System Center VMM but gets deleted from Hyper-V you can get a non-functional backup copy job.

The behavior from what I can tell is this: The normal backup job completes with warnings.

The backup copy job which is defined to backup the normal job fails 2-4 times per minute continuously. It simply enumerates the VMs which are in the backup job, throws an error about the missing VM, and then does not even back up all the other VMs which are in the backup job. It just simply fails over and over thousands of times each day. While this particular case is just local backup copies I have seen behavior like this at other customers also affect cloud connect based backup copes as well. My contention is that this is a bug because if you have one VM deleted it should not cause backups for all the other VMs to also fail.
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Re: Possible Bug with Hyper-V Backup Copy Jobs

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Hi Kelly,

We are looking into that and our support engineer will reach you back shortly after analysis of the attached information.


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