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Replication adding extra vhdxs with "0" and "01" appended

Post by rriiicchh » Apr 22, 2016 5:10 pm


I am trying to replicate a VM with 14TB of data over a 50Mb link (which is fun).

The initial replication job failed due to non Veeam issue however running subsequent runs everything seems to be running from CBT which is good. Now the second run failed due to the checkpoint timing out after 72 hours but I've applied the appropriate registry key to prevent that going forwards.

My question is:

For my other VMs that are replicated the folder structure shows:


With an avhdx for each checkpoint

Whereas for this VM the structure is

Which is a vhdx for each checkpoint.

Is this normal?

I am about to run the next job to hopefully complete everything however I don't want to wait 3ish days to find out that it is doing a full replica job and ultimately die due to space on the replication target because it had previously replicated 10TB so I was hoping it'd just grab the extra 4TB rather than replicating 14TB again. I'd rather cut my losses and delete it and start the whole process again if it is just going to fail in a few days time due to space.

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Re: Replication adding extra vhdxs with "0" and "01" appende

Post by foggy » Apr 27, 2016 2:32 pm

Basically, the job should resume transfer from where it has stopped (check the working snapshot on the replica VM, if it is there, the job should continue writing to the next working snapshot). Haven't you thought about seeding the job, btw?

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