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Repo and backup copy server config questions

Post by cnielsen » Jun 06, 2017 3:20 pm

Hey folks. We have a Hyper-V cluster backing up to a physical server, which then copies backups to an offsite physical server. The Hyper-v hosts are Server 2016 and guests are a combo of 2012 R2 and 2016. The backup repo is a single processor, 6 core 2012 R2 machine. Given the Server 2016 licensing restrictions we don't plan on upgrading that box. The backup copy physical server is Server 2016. Veeam is installed on a 2016 VM.

Given the info above, which file system would you use for the backup repo and backup copy server? Right now everything is ReFS. I also have all Data reduction settings on, Compression Level turned off and Storage Optimization set as LAN target for all backup jobs. Despite the 2012 R2 server, will we still be able to take advantage of the Server 2016 ReFS/9.5 features on the backup copy box? Or since the backup job is going to 2012 R2 first, are those features not available. Which means I should change up some job settings. Perhaps I am overthinking this but I wanted to get a second/third/fourth opinion.


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Re: Repo and backup copy server config questions

Post by foggy » Jun 08, 2017 4:55 pm

Hi Chad, Veeam B&R/ReFS integration requires Windows Server 2016, but only for the target repository, so you will be able to benefit from it on the backup copy target.

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