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Retention Question

Post by Spyderturbo007 »

I'm working on setting up a HyperV backup to Backblaze using Tiger Bridge, so I'm trying to watch my space usage. I have it set to 7 restore points, however after running it for 8 days, I'm left with this:

Full Backup 1
Incremental 1
Incremental 2
Incremental 3
Incremental 4
Incremental 5
Incremental 6
Full Backup 2

At what point does Full backup 1 get deleted?

Is there a better way to handle things so I'm not pushing a ton of data to Backblaze? The data will be on-site as well, so I'm really doing this in case of a fire, flood, etc so I don't need weeks and weeks of backups online. Maybe I should just make a weekly full backup as a separate job and just sync that to Backblaze?

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Re: Retention Question

Post by Natalia Lupacheva »


the "old" chain wouldn't just be deleted immediately after the full backup creation.
Please take a look at the full description here.
Also we have an animated kb for each mode, you can check it for better understanding.

If you need some more examples, you can check this thread with a use case.


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