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SQL Backup When Windows Login And SQL Login Are Different?

Post by AlexLeadingEdge »

Hi guys,

I've got a SQL server that I want to backup and truncate the logs. My problem is that the Hyper-V Host has one authentication, the VM client has another authentication, and the SQL Server has another authentication again.

I've spent the last hour trying to figure out how to set up a Hyper-V backup that can cater for this as B&R seems to only allow for two of the three? The "Guest OS Credentials" is for the Hyper-V Host as a whole (Domain\DomainAdmin), and under "Credentials..." I can set the login into the individual VMs which are not domain joined (ComputerName\Admin), but that still leaves the SQL database (SQLAdmin\AdminPassword).

You're probably thinking "Why not just create a SQL Admin with Windows Authentication?" Unfortunately we don't control the SQL database and making changes to the SQL database requires lots of hoops to jump through. Let's just say "it's political".

I could always set up a "Windows computer" backup, but then I need to buy another licence when this should just work as it is since it sits on our Hyper-V Host.

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Re: SQL Backup When Windows Login And SQL Login Are Different?

Post by Mike Resseler »

Hey AlexLeadingEdge,

I'm afraid that is not possible. We use VSS to do the work, and the only way we can do this is by using the account specified on the guest processing tab for that VM (which also needs login rights) or use the NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM which we use as a failover system. However, that still means you need to give that NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM the corresponding rights which it hasn't by default.

I'm afraid it will be "going through the loops" to get it configured.


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Re: SQL Backup When Windows Login And SQL Login Are Different?

Post by nmdange »

If you don't need to truncate the SQL Server logs (or back them up periodically), then you can just use Hyper-V Native Quiescence which will trigger the VSS consistent backup through the host. If the person that manages SQL doesn't like that, well then they can give you the access you need for it to work :D

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