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Surebackup feature request

Post by Morgan.Ingvarsson »

I don't know where to put feature requests so I'm just putting it here and hope the best :)

We have a Linux VM where we don't backup the systemdisk, but it's included in same backupjob as the rest of the Linux VMs. We are currently setting up Surebackup and of course this VM doesn't pass the test, we want to exclude that VM from the Surebackup job.

I've read that you can setup an application group for those VMs that you want to test, but we don't have the resources to run all these at same time.
Another way would be to have separate backupjobs, that would work but is very blunt. We are only a few Veeam experts in our section of the IT department with hundreds of VMs to manage and protect, a more neat and effective way would be to exclude the VM in the linked jobs.

So my feature request is the ability to exclude VMs from Surebackup-job in the linked job section.

Egor Yakovlev
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Re: Surebackup feature request

Post by Egor Yakovlev »

Hi Morgan,
noted your feature request.

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