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Surebackup server - sizing best practices

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i have to replace our HP Gen7 Surebackup Server because of Windows 2019 Hyper-V and the ability to start machines with a higher VM configuration.
The last server was not bought for this purpose so it was not really configured for it.

Now that i have the chance to change this i am searching for the best practices.
We want to: Check our SharePoint Backup Daily (7 VMs + 5+ TB Storage + high IO), Use it for building test deployments (that may run for more than a week)

Because of the needs of SharePoint itself i will use 128GB RAM and something like a Intel Xeon Silver 4208. But how about networking? At the moment our backups are on a server with DAS. So i think i mainly have to focus on the network connection between these two. Are there any pitfalls or how did you configure this server?

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Re: Surebackup server - sizing best practices

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Do you have 10gb architecture available on your network? Get a 10gb network card.

867328-B21 HPE Ethernet 10/25Gb 2-Port 621 SFP28 Adapter

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