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VMGroup with failover clusters - anyone using it successfully?

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Adding Hyper-V "VMGroups" to backup jobs has been available in VBR for a while.
https://horstmann.in/grouping-hyper-v-v ... eeam-jobs/

Is anyone using it successfully with failover clusters? Goal would be to have the have a VM remain in a backup job while being live migrated around the cluster nodes.

It does not seem to be possible. From my experience the whole concept - which is only available within PowerShell anyways - was implemented by Microsoft only half way or even less.

First of all, you have to create the group on every single node of the cluster always specifying the same ID. Otherwise those groups do not relate despite the identical name.
https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powers ... ver2019-ps

Then you end up with a group on every node and in addion one on the managing node inherited by the node underneath.
The clusters VMGroup would be the one you want to include into the job, as the others always only contain the VM as long as this very host is carrying it.

But even then, the cluster VMGroup only contains all your VMs of the cluster, once they have visited the cluster owning node at least once.
So before your VMs will be in their backup jobs they need to be live migrated criss-cross throughout your cluster. Useless in my opinion.

On top - removing VMs from groups is even more hazzle as they have to be present on a node to do it.

Any thoughts would be welcome. How do you federate your backup jobs in larger Hyper-V environments?

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