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Alarm - Host disk read latency

Post by adrianIDC » Sep 02, 2015 9:53 am

Hello again!

I have in my laboratory in which a host frequently receive alarm veeam this one:
Alarm - Host disk read latency

Or you could say I summarize the alarm?
I have to worry about it? The discs are used at 10,000 rpm SAS .

In the future I want to dump on that host important data base and I doubt whether they will hold or not.

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Re: Alarm - Host disk read latency

Post by Shestakov » Sep 02, 2015 12:45 pm

Hello Adrian,
I guess we are talking about Hyper-V Host disk latency, correct?

Anyways, it`s not good to see the alarm frequently turning on since that is one of the most important metrics.
Do you have VM memory alarms turning on in the same time? If yes, increase VM memory. That will allow more OS caching, thus can reduce I/O activity. It may require to increase the host memory, however. Increasing memory might reduce the need to store data because databases can utilize system memory to cache data and avoid disk access.


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