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Alarms Enabled/Disabled on Child

Post by Vothweirdon »

I am currently testing the Veeam Monitoring product. So far I am liking what I am seeing.

Quick question.
If I create an Alarm up on the very top level, Virtual Infrastructure, but do not want it on certain ESX hosts is there a way to disable it? Scenerio is Production ESXi hosts I set a rule at the top to alert when a Guest is powered off but on my Dev lab ESXi I don't want the alert active. At the current time I can't uncheck the enable on the Dev ESXi as it is grey'd out.

Is this something that is available on the Paid version? If not would I have to create individual rules on each ESXi host I have connected? I have done that for testing purposes, created a rule on 2 production ESX (though they can't be named the same) and just thought if I could uncheck the enable at the child I didn't want to monitor it would make managing it a bit easier.



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Re: Alarms Enabled/Disabled on Child

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Hello Jeff,

You cannot delete/disable alarms that are defined on the parent node, you should create individual rules for each ESX(i) host, but thank you for your feedback!

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