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Bus Resets Error

Post by clix »

We are using Veeam Monitor V4.0.0.144 to monitor the storage (IBM DS3300 iSCSI) on a host running ESXi 3.5.

We get the following errors about 3 or 4 times per week:

Target: iSCSIDS3300
Status: Error (Red)
Alarm: Storage problems
Time: 7/07/2009 4:34:39 PM
Level of Bus Resets is above 1

The storage management software logs for the DS3300 shows it is "Optimal" and there are no failures.

The VMs running on the iSCSI DS3300 are working fine.

Has anyone else seen these errors?

Is it something we should be concerned about or should we change the settings for Bus Resets to be greater than 1?

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Re: Bus Resets Error

Post by Gostev »

This error means that I/O operation failed once for ESXi. We collect this information directly from ESXi perf stats counters, so ESXi basically tells us "I had an I/O problem with this storage" and we simply letting you know with the corresponding alarm. Based on Veeam Monitor 4.0 customers feedback, this is quite common for ESX to report bus resets rarely.

I would not worry about occasional bus resets, when we had real storage problem in our main datacenter (which we are monitoring with Veeam Monitor),the Disk Issues graph was going crazy with multiple resets.

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Re: Bus Resets Error

Post by mmmcc666 »

We use fibre attached storage and share the same LUN between 4 servers and are getting about 10 bus reset warnings a day.
Does anyone know where can i find the source of these warnings in esxi?
Also does anyone know anything more about these errors eg are they caused by misconfiguration or physical problems?


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Re: Bus Resets Error

Post by ssimakov »

mmmcc666, it depends on the storage you use. You can use diagnostic/management software for your storage to look for reasons of such a behaviour or refer to your storage vendor support.

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