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Data collection bad SQL

Post by afidel »

My SQL Express volume filled up so I moved the database to a full SQL Enterprise instance, however now whenever I start up the data collector my server maxes its CPU within about 3-5 minutes. The offending SQL is summarazied as:

"IF EXISTS( SELECT * FROM VwEvent WHERE ABS( DATEDIFF( ms, time, @i_Time) ) < 5 AND @i_HostId = host_id AND internal_id = @i_InternalId )"

This is running thousands and thousands of times in just a few minutes generating millions of logical SQL reads. Any clue on why the data collector would be trying to poll for events every 5ms?

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Re: Data collection bad SQL

Post by Vitaly.Mzokov »

I haven't heard this issue reported before, so please open a support ticket to investigate this behavior, as most likely we would need to take a closer look at your SQL database via WebEx sessions. Thank you!

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