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Email alerts

Post by theviking84 »

Just wondering if there is any additional initial configuration that needs done to ensure VeeamONE will start sending email alerts?

I entered in my smtp server settings and the test email worked great.

I added my email address to the notifications policy area under "default email notifications group". I left the mission critical policy enabled and also the "other" periodic summary enabled at 30 min.

Yet when various "error" class alarms show up, I never receive an email. Verified the email system doesn't see anything coming in either.

I assume I've missed something in the initial configuration. VeeamONE

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Re: Email alerts

Post by wishr »

Hi David,

No, you've done everything correctly. No additional configuration is needed.

Could you please, make sure that the emails have not got filtered by your SMTP server and are not sitting in the spam folder one more time? It would be also useful to double-check that the Mission-critical notification policy is enabled for the infrastructure objects you'd like to receive real-time notifications on. If this does not help, I would recommend opening a support case to get it sorted.


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