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Feature Request: Veeam ONE password update automation

Post by cahayden »

Because of strict security requirements at our organization we need all of our systems to have the passwords automatically updated on a schedule. This is possible with VBR and Enterprise Manager using powershell and\or the RESTful API. However, we don't seem to have a way to update the service accounts in Veeam ONE that connect to our virtual environment and VBEM\VBR servers in Veeam ONE Monitor. Veeam ONE is a great tool but if we can't secure the service accounts it runs under, we won't be able to utilize it across our organization. Our organization is looking to have service account passwords rotate on a much more frequent basis than in the past and there's no practical way we could maintain those frequent password changes manually for Veeam ONE.

Powershell cmdlets would work but integration with the RESTful API would be ideal.

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Re: Feature Request: Veeam ONE password update automation

Post by wishr »

Hi Cahayden,

Thank you for the request.

The first iteration of Veeam ONE REST API is coming in v11. In the future, we'll be able to expand its coverage to cover that use-case.

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