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Hardware Alerts in vCenter resolved but not in Monitor

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I have an issue that I am hoping someone may know about. I just moved to vCenter for all my ESXi hosts. Previously I used Monitor to connect to each ESXi individually to monitor them. Now that I have vCenter I just added my vCenter server to the monitor. This worked fine (and is what I think you should do since you have vCenter). But an issue has arised that when a Hardware Alert is raised on the host for exp, after reboot on Dell servers the raid controller goes through a battery recharge, this is reported as a hardware error. Once the battery is charged the error is cleared in vCenter but NOT in Veeam Monitor. I have to remove the host from vCenter and readd is to vCenter for Veeam Monitor to recognize that the alarm has been resolved. Why is this? Is this a known bug? Is there a setting I need to change somewhere?


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Re: Hardware Alerts in vCenter resolved but not in Monitor

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OK, so I've been told that this issue was fixed in Veeam Monitor 4.5 for sure. What version are you using?

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