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How do I set an alert for a downed site?

Post by ValiantMartian »

I want an alert if any of our websites go down. Is this possible in Veeam, or do I have to rely on a separate tool?

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Re: How do I set an alert for a downed site?

Post by HannesK »

Veeam ONE's focus monitoring and reporting for Veeam Backup & Replication. Virtual infrastructure monitoring & reporting is an additional minor part.

General monitoring of applications, web services, network components etc. is not part of the product. So you need an extra tool for that.

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Re: How do I set an alert for a downed site?

Post by wishr »

Hi Valiant,

You can monitor services and processes running within a virtualized web server using custom Veeam ONE alarms, however, this may not cover all possible root causes of website downtimes.

First, I would recommend developing an approach to monitoring. E.g. what kind of a web server you have, what are the possible reasons for downtime, and how to determine there is an issue with the website availability. Once these questions are answered and you have a clear understanding of the risks you will be able to understand how the monitoring solution should work, and then see if VONE capabilities fit your needs or not.


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