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Monitoring Config Job Backup Veeam One

Post by ldstc »

hi All,

looking for some confirmation if its possible for veeam one to monitor the configuration backup of our veeam server.

its setup on a schedule to take a config backup daily off box but would like to have some visibility of this in veeam one if possible - I have checked tasks against the veeam server and it does not show up as a task list.

would be good if this was possible so its a single pane of glass and not need us to check manually or rely on emails for verification if its gone wrong.


Maxim Karganov
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Re: Monitoring Config Job Backup Veeam One

Post by Maxim Karganov »

Hi Lee and welcome to the forum.

Currently, you can't monitor Configuration Backups using Veeam ONE so we will treat it as a feature request for future versions. Thank you for the feedback.

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