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New hosts, VMs, and datastores not showing up

Post by benhu »

I did a fresh install of veeam on Server 2003, and the database is local. I've connected it to our vcenter instance, and it grabs data, etc. The problem is that if I then go add a new VM, or a new host, VM, or datastore, it won't show up in Monitor. The only way I can then get it in is to go remove the vcenter connection, then recreate it. Obviously, this destroys all the past log data.
I bet this has been covered before, so both appologies and thanks in advance for any assistance in getting this working correctly!!

Vitaliy S.
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Re: New hosts, VMs, and datastores not showing up

Post by Vitaliy S. »

Hello Ben,

Welcome to Veeam Community forums. I haven't heard this issue been reported before. Could you tell me if you have any errors in VeeamDCS.log? Also have you tried adding ESX host directly to see if that makes any difference or not?

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