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Pending Alerts

Post by Scott42 » Jul 03, 2012 1:36 am 1 person likes this post


We recently upgraded our veeam to the new VeeamOne I do like the improvements but I have had a thought of one thing I would like to see. Or possibly I am missing something in how I can use the software.

Anyway my thought has come from how awesome it is how you can see the items that need addressing from the top level you can zero in on what needs attention. So you simply have the monitor open, and at a glance you know something needs attention. But when you know there is an issue with something and you’re working on a solution but it may take a couple days or months depending on the issue.

There are really only two things you can do with the alert, either (1) resolve it or (2) let it stay up.
1. If you resolve it, the alert then disappears into the bucket of resolved alerts but is still an issue, the advantage of doing this the monitor will then only show an issue if there is something new or something triggers the alarm again.
2.If you don’t resolve the alert it is easy to track but it adds white noise to the monitor so when a new alert comes through you don’t notice it as easily.

So my thought was there needs to be a second option rather than only "resolve" there needs to be a "in progress" or "solution pending" or "acknowledged but not resolved" not sure what wording you would use. And with the new filtering view where you can chose to see errors, warnings, resolved, information add a fifth option that shows any items that are currently in progress but not yet resolved.

Does that make sense?

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Re: Pending Alerts

Post by Vitaliy S. » Jul 03, 2012 8:45 am

Hi Scott,

Yes, absolutely. I've been thinking about introducing new alarms status myself as you're not the only one who would like to track what issues are new and which ones are already acknowledged. Let me put this feature into our FT system.


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