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Report Datastore Size by VM?

Post by davidhood »

Is it possible to produce a report that shows what datastore space is being consumed by what particular VMs?

I run a mixed enviroment of 4.0 and 4.1 and when I access the datastore view I get "no data available" which I believe is an issue with running a mixed environment, that report may show what I want? Not sure. If that report is what I want then fine, if not is there another way?


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Re: Report Datastore Size by VM?

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Hello David,

Yes, this has been reported before, you can see such a behaviour if you run a mixed environment of vCenter Server and ESX(i) hosts. Should more information be required, please check out this post:

Actually, disk space information on the datastores tab shows only total free space/capacity and provisioned. The information you need can be generated with Veeam Reporter, have you seen it in action, by the way?


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