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Specify Guests to Monitor?

Post by jjeff123 »

I have veeam monitor 5 configured to monitor a vmware view server. For those not familiar, vmware View creates and destroys guests and presents them as virtual PCs to a RDP-like client. Since each guest is destroyed as soon as the user logs off, Veeam Monitor reports a lot of problems with the vmware View hosts. Those hosts also run the vmware view management servers. I want to monitor the management servers, but not the client guests.

Is there a way to specify which guests should be monitored and have Veeam ignore all the other guests?
Vitaliy S.
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Re: Specify Guests to Monitor?

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Hello Jeff,

You can only exclude particular hosts from monitoring, but thank you for bringing this up, we'll think what we might possibly do to avoid such situations with VDI machines.

Thank you.
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