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Strange error in esxi log

Post by max.anziutti »

we are using vmware monitor free edition on 2 esxi ibm x5400 servers. It's a really powerful product and we find it very useful.
Since we started monitoring the servers i found this error in log file of esxi:

Jun 3 05:20:07 Hostd: [2009-06-03 05:20:07.218 'App' 114696 error] AdapterServer caught unexpected exception: vector::reserve
Jun 3 05:20:07 Hostd: [2009-06-03 05:20:07.218 'Vmomi' 114696 info] Activation [N5Vmomi10ActivationE:0x1b3d3d18] : Invoke done [createCollector] on [vim.even
Jun 3 05:20:07 Hostd: [2009-06-03 05:20:07.218 'Vmomi' 114696 info] Throw vmodl.fault.SystemError
Jun 3 05:20:07 Hostd: [2009-06-03 05:20:07.219 'Vmomi' 114696 info] Result:
Jun 3 05:20:07 Hostd: (vmodl.fault.SystemError) { dynamicType = <unset>, reason = "", msg = "" }
Jun 3 05:20:07 Hostd:

and it repeats every 2 or 3 minutes.

Is this something related with veeam monitor calls? Should i worry about it?

Thanks in advance
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Re: Strange error in esxi log

Post by Gostev »

Hello Max. ESX server logs this error when it is unable to return perfromance data to querying application (in this case, Veeam Monitor) due to general system error (for instance, due to being unable to allocate memory needed for this operation at the time). It does not affect either ESX server (since it just aborts the process of providing data to external app), or Veeam Monitor (it will still query and get this data during the next performance data polling cycle).
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