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Unable to connect to host in different time zone

Post by nick.lee »

I recently installed Veeam Monitor Free Edition and I am able to connect to all of my hosts except one that is located in a different time zone. I receive the error: "Connect to host failed - Time difference between Veeam Monitor server and ESX host is too large. Make sure that NTP is enabled on ESX host and try again." The time on all machines is correct for their respective time zones.

Anyone come across this before and have a solution?
Vitaliy S.
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Re: Unable to connect to host in different time zone

Post by Vitaliy S. »

Hello Nick,

Yes, it is expected behavior, as only a small timestamp variation up to 15 minutes between the Monitor server and its requesting client is allowed. Veeam Monitor depends on correct time settings on the ESX host and the Monitor server part.

You may install Veeam Monitor server part locally at the site which is on the same time zone as your host, and then connect to this server using Monitor Client.

Thank you!
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