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Unable to connect to specified server

Post by RayRay »

I am upgrading to Veeam Monitor 5 for the first time and cannot proceed with this persistent error message: Unable to connect to specified server. [[DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (Connect().].SQL Server does not exist or access denied.] Continue anyway? I have uninstalled the previous version and deleted the database but it has not helped. I am using SQL Server 2005 Express Edition.
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Re: Unable to connect to specified server

Post by Gostev »

Not sure, may be you are not specifying the SQL database correctly. However, since you have already deleted existing database anyway, why not just perform clean install?
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Re: Unable to connect to specified server

Post by dietoself86 »


Hey man I was having the same problem. Would you happen to be leaving the default settings in for your SQL instance? You need to specify the location of the SQL server and the name of the instance. For me that was the local name of the machine/my VEEAM SQL server instance. Hope this helps.
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