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UPS triggered Shutdown of VMs/Hosts

Post by mdornfeld »

I have a couple of UPS's, and currently, I've been installing every VM with the vendor supplied shutdown agent. This is a pain, prone to failure, and really seems like a big waste.

Does Veeam currently or will Veeam in the future have an offering that will monitor my UPS SNMP Card (Liebert), and when the UPS gets to specific amount of battery available, utilize virtualcenter to shutdown my all my VM's and ESX hosts?

If not, is there another "friendly" solution to accomplish this currently on the market? Does VMware have any ambitions to just include this with their base product?

Thank you for any help anyone can offer.

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Re: UPS triggered Shutdown of VMs/Hosts

Post by simm0 »

I don't know what type of UPS you are using but we solved this problem with an open source product called apcupsd. It works for APC UPS devices and installs into the VMware vMA appliance. The software communicates with the UPS and with ESXi so in the event of a power outage it shuts down all the VMs and then the host gracefully.

Full howto at the link below:


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Re: UPS triggered Shutdown of VMs/Hosts

Post by qazzi76 »

Can a veeam replication be interupted and suspended by an APC UPS to facilitate graceful shutdown of VMs and then the ESXHost?

BTW - First person who answers this could receive a lucrative VEEAM implementation and support contract from a leading london charity.


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