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vCenter Database Size

Post by dspjones »

Can VeeamOne monitor and alert on vCenter database size? If so, how.

Reason I ask is that we have vCenter installed running on a SQL Express database which has a hard limit of 4GB for database size. We hit that over the weekend and there was no alert in VMWare but SQL did throw alerts in event viewer that it was out of space and of course no one saw them until vCenter service decided to die. I was wondering if there was a way to monitor the vCenter DB size (and other vCenter db stats). Perhaps we could set up an alert to warn of reaching the size limit before it becomes a problem. Of course, the overall fix is easy - upgrade to full SQL or SQL Express 2008 which has a 10GB limit but I would like to see some monitoring capabilities in this area if they don't already exist.


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Re: vCenter Database Size

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Currently it is not possible to monitor database size through Veeam ONE, so I would also recommend to migrate your database to SQL Server Express 2008.

Anyway, thanks for the feedback!

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