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AHV Proxy Cluster Login: Nutanix Local vs Active Directory

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TLDR; Use a Local Nutanix Account for your AHV Proxy instead of an Active Directory Account for a massive speed boost.

I've been working with support on an issue with some of my backup jobs randomly failing (#04634167).
Support suggested that instead of using an Active Directory account to authenticate with the Nutanix cluster, to try a local Nutanix account.
A little begrudgingly I tried it, (Ugh, one more local account to keep track of.)

This is one of my jobs using an AD Account to connect to the cluster:

And this is the same job, using the same hardware, same machines, but with a local Nutanix account:

Holy ****!! Every single one of my jobs is now processing an ORDER OF MAGNITUDE faster. My Active Full's are now as fast or faster than my incremental's used to be.
I've done some research into Nutanix AD Authentication slowness before, Its a known issue - https://next.nutanix.com/installation-c ... ogon-14516. We specifically no longer use recursive lookups, and it resolved the slowness logging into the Nutanix console.

So what gives? Is this a problem with the AHV Proxy, the Nutanix API, Nutanix's LDAP implementation? Can anyone explain these results?

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Re: AHV Proxy Cluster Login: Nutanix Local vs Active Directory

Post by Mildur »

Ok, this looks very interesting.
I have to check tomorrow how my proxy authenticate to the ntx cluster.

Thanks for sharing

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