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All jobs scheduled in Proxy Appliance but not in VBR console ...

Post by Didi7 »

Hi guys,

I noticed another problem with the Nutanix Proxy Appliance v2.0.588 and VBR which relates to scheduled jobs. In my test environment I have scheduled 9 jobs with a specific start time beginning at 10:00pm and ending with the last job, which starts at 10:40pm, but unfortunately in the VBR console, the third job scheduled to run at 10:10pm reports to be <not scheduled> and that's a little bit confusing.

Re-scanning the Nutanix cluster and re-opening and re-configuring the Proxy Appliance in the VBR console did not change that strange behavior.

Re-editing the job in the Proxy Appliance also did not change anything.

After changing the scheduled time for the third job tp 11:10pm in the Proxy Appliance, the job got scheduled in VBR console. Re-editing to re-schedule the job from 11:10pm to 10:10pm worked as well.

Must be a bug then!

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Re: All jobs scheduled in Proxy Appliance but not in VBR console ...

Post by ericschott »

can you open a case with support and logs if you have them?

Can you reproduce the original issue?

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