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Multiple AHV Clusters with Standalone Proxies - SOLVED

Post by arogarth »

Hello together,

we startet to use VEEAM to backup our Nutanix AHV Cluster and rolled out the Nutanix AHV Proxies. Because of our complex structure and automatism we deploy the VM's using terraform and do the setup using ansible.
Now, the first Standalone Proxy was created and configured and added to the Veeam B&R Server - All was fine.
Then after the second proxy I tried to add them to Veeam I got failure that the Proxy still exists - And the first proxy name was overwritten by the new one...

OK, I checked the IP, the DNS record, reverse DNS etc... All was fine - I tried to roll out the Proxy using the Wizard - Fine ...

But I wanted to know WHY the Standalone proxy did not work...

After debugging and inspecting the database I found the UUID of the Proxy and the point on the VM.

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$ cat /opt/VeeamBackupAgent/vmbaid
shows me the UUID and it is delivered in the VMDK Image and is not changed after Install the Proxy using the Setup-Wizard.

Now, change the UUID, Run the setup and connect to the Proxy - IT works!!

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$ uuidgen | tr -d '\n' > /opt/VeeamBackupAgent/vmbaid
$ shutdown -r now
Hope VEEAM will fix it and will make it easier to deploy the Proxies.

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Re: Multiple AHV Clusters with Standalone Proxies - SOLVED

Post by ronnmartin61 »

I would argue that we did make it easier by automating the entire proxy deployment process but in your case you chose to bypass our automation in favor of your own method :)

This is good to know however as I'm sure we will run into other cases of this nature.

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